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Kirk repeater multi cell 4 canales,1G8 (FA aparte)


Código da Avanzada7: 0010030770025

Manufacturer SKU: 02334601

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  • The Spectralink DECT Repeater is a building block used to extend the wireless coverage area within a Spectralink DECT network. The DECT Repeater provides a larger geographical spread of the traffic channels and increases the coverage area. But because it does not increase the number of traffic channels available, the DECT Repeater is mainly used in areas with limited traffic.

    • The Spectralink DECT Repeater is available with either two or four voice channels.
    • The repeater is wireless with no wired connection to the Spectralink DECT Server or base stations, making it very easy to install. Only it need a power supply to operate (not included).
    • The Spectralink DECT Repeater can be configured with an external directional antenna to create radio coverage in remote areas without installing complicated cabling.

    Every base station or IP-DECT 400 can be expanded up to 3 repeaters, in star or chain

    To work fine, repeaters must be numerated accordind the rules defined by Spectralink. Numeration and upgrade of repeaters is made with an adittional kit programming sold separately.  

    • Conectores Power supply 9 Vdc (2W) with RJ9 (4P4C)
    • DECT4 channels coverage DECT extender

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