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New TG672 (all-in-one) the best price!

Technicolor TG672 is an Ultra BroadBand business gateway, designed for Corporate/SMEs and SOHOs

Technicolor imagen - Avanzada 7TG672: Ultra BroadBand Business Gateway

(*) On January 27th 2010, Thomson changed its company name to Technicolor. All product data sheets, including those for products which still carry the Thomson name, now reflect our new Technicolor brand.technicolor

Technicolor TG672

The Technicolor TG672 is an Ultra BroadBand business gateway, designed for Corporate/SMEs and SOHOs and offers plenty of possibilities through a complete set of business features. The Technicolor TG672 is a one-box office solution for communicating to the outside world, offering security to the office, allowing to share resources (like printer, hard disk), functioning as a PABX, while being able to be managed by the operator. It also has integrated DECT: DECT handsets supported by the gateway are the Technicolor TH58 and TH52.

Features at a Glance

  • Universal Ultra Broadband business gateway (supporting as well ADSL2+, VDSL2+, Fiber networks via Gigabit Ethernet Uplink, 3G via USB dongle)
  • Embedded DECT: CAT-iq ready
  • Secure communication device, with integrated IPSec client (compatible with major VPN servers), corporate firewall and content filtering.
  • Dynamic routing support, including RIP, BGP and OSPF
  • 3G back-up
  • Extensive operator management capabilities (SNMPv3, TACACS+, Syslog)
  • Standard built-in access point based on 802.11n
  • Easy install / use, embedded firewall, QoS, TR-69
  • Direct connection of printer, hard disk, ... via USB port for office sharing
  • SOHO/SME PABX functionality (with integrated SIP server/ Back to Back User Agent)
  • Non-Service-Affecting SW upgrades, through dual bank memory configuration


Business Internet Access

Our Technicolor TG672 Business gateway is the only physical equipment your customer needs in his office. The embedded stateful firewall and intrusion detection system stop attacks in the router and keep the customer save from any security violations.

Managed Office Networking

The Technicolor TG672 has a 4-port Managed Ethernet Switch allowing you to connect up to 4 PCs or Servers, and features an integrated Wireless access point. With the Wireless Install Wizard, PCs and laptops can be easily and securely connected

Voice over IP

The Technicolor TG672 offers two phone connectors to accommodate a phone and fax. Once the gateway is registered with a VoIP service, regular phone calls can be conducted over the Internet with all the benefits of IP Telephony. The gateway offers a wide rage of services like caller ID, CLIR, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way conference and message waiting notification.

Network VPN

The Technicolor TG672 optimally supports network-based VPNs based on MPLS / IP and on VPLS / VLAN technology. In an MPLS based VPN, the BGP and RIP routing protocol allow to
automatically distribute routes from the customer to the network. Existing LAN applications can continue to run over the MPLS VPN thanks to the built-in DHCP relay and IGMP proxy.

Customer Equipment VPN

Your customer is a growing Small or Medium Enterprise, having increasing needs of sharing information or applications among different operational sites. With the IPSec LAN-to-LAN interconnect features, there is no need anymore for expensive leased lines: a standard DSL connection and a Technicolor TG672 provides you a secure connection over the Internet between the different sites.