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At Avanzada 7 we offer customized tailor-made courses for every need you have

on-site training

We conduct customized training courses on customer facilities for small groups, so that they can train their teams more effectively and quickly. The client provides the facilities for training with necessary network connections, computers, projector, blackboard and food. We provide training materials and instructor.
Both time and course contents are defined jointly by our instructors and company seeking training. Client provides the training facilities with the necessary network connections, the computers, the projector, the board and he maintenance (cafes and meals, if applicable), and we will supply the training materials and the instructor. It is also possible that part of the training is done with live sessions (on-line).
Our instructors are certified people (dCAP and Grandstream Trainer Certified, etc.) with a proven experience in the VoIP sector for many years, including real experience in implementations. Special mention to Jon Bonilla and Olle E. Johansson gurus on issues of SIP, Kamailio and Asterisk.
Both the schedule and the contents of the trainings are defined jointly by our instructors and the client requesting the training.
Advantages of custom training:
  • Saving travel time and staff expenses
  • Cost per economic assistant according to the numer of participants
  • Possibility of commenting on matters of specific interest to the client, maintaining confidentiality with respect to competitors.
  • Greater involvement of your staff in discussions and exercises.
  • Possibility of programming the event in dates and time that is better for your interests.

If you are interested in this type of on-site training, you can contact us in the following form.


Training examples:

Training on products that we market from different brands:

o 3CX: From the knowledge of 3CX as a product, to the installation and configuration of the switchboard. Basic management such as extensions, links to the outside, calls, etc. and more advanced topics such as security, SIP protocol, problem solving, etc.

o Grandstream: From the knowledge of the Grandstream portfolio to the installation and configuration of UCM control units. Basic level programs focused on the installation and configuration from scratch or more advanced topics oriented to the analysis and resolution of problems, as well as security measures and advanced functionalities.

Introduction to VoIP: Introduction to IP telephony by acquiring basic knowledge of telephony, Linux and Asterisk. Communications cards to coexist with traditional telephony and SIP protocol to communicate over the network.

Advanced Asterisk based on our experience as an Asterisk course trainer. Digium Asterisk Advanced Training and possibility to get the dCAP.

SIP:WISE: Training for the start-up and administration of VoIP platforms based on SIP:WISE. Course taught in spanish by Jon Bonilla.

Kamailio: Kamailio is the #1 solution in VoIP telephony in the world. This is due to its versatility, scalability, security and stability. When it comes to managing SIP traffic, Kamailio is the essential tool for every operator or solution developer. Course taugh in spanish by Jon Bonilla.

Courses with Olle E. Johansson: Training in english of SIP, Kamailio and Asterisk with the possibility of support from a Spanish instructor. For more information at https://edvina.net/training/custom/

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