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Official Asterisk training given by Avanzada 7

Asterisk Certification

Conoce Asterisk

Asterisk is a communications platform based on the Open Source philosophy, it is capable of converting a common computer into a complete communication server. Originally it was conceived as a platform for the generation of a PBX system, but over time it has evolved to other types of uses, such as VoIP gateways, integral systems for call centers, conference rooms, voice mailboxes, and all kinds of applications that have relation with the communications in real time.

Asterisk is an application development environment. To create applications with Asterisk you must have basic knowledge of Linux / Unix system administrator, be familiar with the basics of VoIP and / or traditional telephony, and be comfortable with the basics of scripting programming.

Our on-site courses are the only official Digium courses in Spain and Portugal and teach how to install, configure, adjust and maintain a complete Asterisk system. The official dCAP certification is also available, which allows you to bring a new set of skills to your career or company.

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