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Thermographic camera

There are different technologies for temperature measurement

Thermopile Thermographic
Distance < 1,5 m. Up to 9m
Precision High High/Very high*
Cost Medium High

Types of cameras

Precision Distance Range
Thermographic hand-held +-0,5º 1m – 1,5m 30ºC – 45ºC
Optical thermopile camera +-0,3º 1m – 1,5m 30ºC – 45ºC
Dual thermographic camera +-0,5º 0,8m – 9m 30ºC – 45ºC

Thermographic hand-held

Usage cases

  1. COVID local contention
  2. Guided queue access
  3. People with no individual protective equipment
  4. Fast filter by group sweep
  5. Hand-held preventive maintenance
  6. Additional thermometer

Optical thermopile camera

Usage cases

  1. People with no individual protective equipment checking
  2. Remoted filter with bidirectional audio
  3. For individual queues
  4. 4 persons per minute
  5. Monitoring through several screens and places

Dual thermographic camera

Usage cases

  1. COVID multi-zone contention
  2. Remoted centralized management
  3. Filter by unique guided queue
  4. Combined with NVR facial detection
  5. Through non-present people
  6. Extra: usage of CCTV System

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