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Your ticket to the Cloud

In addition to offering an exclusive range or products based on SIP trunking, hosting and unified communications solutions, Mediatrix stands out for its flexibility, excellence in support and quality of its products.

About Media 5...

The Media5 company, founded in 1992, joined the IP telephony market in 1997, becoming one of the first companies to launch a VoIP adapter that would allow an analog phone or fax to be connected to an IP network. Media5 VoIP experience increased with the arrival of the VoIP family of products: Mediatrix, responding to the need to offer voice and mobility solutions for devices connected to an IP network.


Mediatrix has a wide product catalog that differentiates itself to suit the needs of each scenario, including SIP trunking, hosting and unified communications solutions.

Powerful performance kit

In addition to covering a wide range of features for SIP-to-SIP and SIP-to-TDM applications, the Sentinel series features a custom route map for Gateway WebRTC or voice recording.

Easy to use

Mediatrix products incorporate a catalog of templates that allow you to follow a configuration procedure. In this way the process becomes more intuitive saving time to the administrators.

Competitive prices

Mediatrix presents a portfolio of products at very competitive prices, in particular, Sentinel is currently positioned as one of the products with the best value for money.