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Convert DECT phones into SIP

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Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 (from 12 usr - 6 SC to 30 usr - 12 SC) PoE or power supply

Manufacturer: SPECTRALINK

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Manufacturer SKU: 02344500

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  • Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400

    The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that want a simple and flexible wireless solution. It is a scalable SIP solution that supports up from 12 wireless users and 6 channels, to 30 wireless users and 12 channels - depending on how you assemble it and which license keys you add to it.

    The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 can be deployed as either a single-cell or a multi-cell solution.

    1. Single-Cell, it can be expanded with 3 DECT repeaters of 2 or 4 channels to improve the coverage.
    2. Multi- Cell,  it can be expanded with 3 base DECT IP and another 3 repeaters of 2 or 4 channels per base ip and IP-DECT server 400 , up to 12 repeaters.

    Another application as multicell- sytem is to use free-running ip bases (without air sync but with ethernet connection) in several headquarters; the handsets will make roaming in any one of headquarters.

    This scalability ensures that the Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 can grow with your business when needed. 

    You can upgrade theSpectralink IP-DECT Server 400 by adding license keys.

    • 12 speech channels and 30 Users license
    • Multi-cell license
    • Combo license multicell and 12 SC/30 users
    • G.729 license
    • Microsoft Lync license

    With the license keys you can design the solution to support your exact business requirements.

    Today mobility among employees is important, and therefore Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 is designed so it can be installed in multiple locations. Furthermore it is compatible with all KIRK Handsets, and this gives all employees an opportunity to choose a handset that meets their individual needs.

    Features and Benefits

    • Perfect size for SMBs with up to 12/30 wireless users and 6/12 simultaneous calls
    • Scalable, modular design to accommodate different user requirements
    • Connection for an external antenna to improve coverage in normally inaccessible areas such as freezing rooms, cruise ships or long corridors.
    • Simple installation and coverage scalability
    • Can be mounted upside down
    • POE or external supply powered.
    • Direct interoperability with many SIP call servers
    • Grows with your business via additional license upgrades
    • Compatible with all Spectralink Handsets for individual choice
    • Cost-effective solution that can be upgraded via license keys 
    • VoIP protocolsSIP (Session Initiated Protocol)
    • WAN ports• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port • Manual or dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) network setup • Time and date synchronization using NTP • Event logging • LED status indication
    • Audio Codec• G.711 A-law and ?-law • G.726 (32kbps - 4 bit ADPCM) • G.729 All above mentioned Codecs will have a total maximum of 12 Speech Channels available
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE)• Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) • PoE Class 1 device • Typical power consumption: 3W per unit • External power outlet (power supply must be ordred separately)

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