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Khomp KMG 400 MS

Manufacturer: KHOMP

Avanzada 7 code: 0030321090002

Manufacturer SKU: KMG 400 MS

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  • Gateway Khomp KMG 400 MS

    The ÇUMG 400 MS gateway is a Khomp media gateway with up to 120 channels, modular interfaces and integrated SBC.

    It also presents the possibility of adding 2 external telephony modules. These modules can include E1/T1, GSM, FXO and / or  FXS, as long as the maximum of 120 telephony channels is respected.

    In addition, this KMG 400 MS series offers the ideal solution for companies and institutions with communiation needs through IP telephony exchanges since SIP connection sections can be made through this series. 

    Key features

    • 4 x E1/T1
    • Network protocol: ISDN and digital R2 (with up to 30 MFC signaling substituents per link). You can configure different protocols in each of the links.
    • PABX protocols: EL7, Line Side, LC and QSIG (SSCT and CT)
    • 1 internal modular KMG module + 2 external modules
    • SBC integrated
    • Connector options: coaxial BNC or RJ45
    • IP - 30 SIP channels for E1/T1 connection
    • Supported codecs: G.711 (native in the system) |  G.729 annex B, DVI, T-38; only with transcoding
    • Up to 120 TDM channels
    • Up to 300 SBC VoIP calls
    • Compatibility with call cassification
    • Option with BNC or RJ45 for E1/T1
    • 3 Gigabit network connection (100/1000Mbps)
    • Power supply: Entrada: 110 - 240V AC; Maximum power consumption: 120W
    • FXO portsOptional (expandable with modules)
    • FXS portsOptional (expandable with modules)
    • PRI ports4x1E1/T1
    • GSM portsOptional (expandable with modules)
    • Ethernet Ports3 gigabit network ports
    • Supported codecsG.711 A-law and u-law,G.729a annex B, GSM, DVI, T-38; only with transcoding
    • Additional featuresIntegrated SBC
    • Additional featuresUp to 120 TDM channels
    • Gigabit3 Gigabit network ports 100/1000 Base-T
    • Power supplyInput: 100-240 V 56/60 Hz | Output: 12V / 2.5A
    • SpecsOption with BNC or RJ45 connectors for E1 / T1 connection

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