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Khomp KMG SBC 750

Manufacturer: KHOMP

Avanzada 7 code: 0030331090001

Manufacturer SKU: KMG SBC 750

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  • Gateway Khomp KMG 750 SBC

    The SBC 750 KMG gateway is a Khomp media gateway capable of supporting up to 32 E1/T1, or 960 telephony channels, which can use E1/T1, GSM, FXO and/or FXS technologies.

    It supports 450 VoIP SBC and is ideal for use in network structures that need the highest voice quality. In addition, it has 13 network ports, one of them specific for high availability.

    Key features

    • Modular composition: up to 8 telephony modules to integrate with the technologies: E1/T1, FXO, FXS and/or GSM.
    • Integrated SBC: up to 2010 SBC VoIP sections in bridge mode; up to 450 SBC VoIP calls available for any combination - up to 15 KMG 30 VoIP licenses sold separately
    • Compatibility with call classification
    • High availability in active / inactive mode
    • Digital TDM - from 4 to 32 E1/T1 (ISDN, R2 and ISUP, in modules of 4 E1/T1)
    • IP - 30 SIP channels for each E1/T1 (G.711)
    • SS7 and SIGTRAN (optional license)
    • G.711 A-law and u-law, native in the system, for all interfaces
    • G.729a, GSM, DVI, T-38; only with transcoding
    • 16x2 LCD screen
    • Standard 1U center module for 19-inch rack telephony modules use 1U for every two modules
    • QoS: DiffServ - RFC 4594 | VLAN Tagging
    • 13 gigabit network interfaces (100/1000 Mbps), one of them dedicated to high availability
    • Power supply: Input: 110-220V CA - 50-60Hz | Maximum power consumption: 120W



    • FXO portsOptional
    • FXS portsOptional
    • PRI portsCapacity up to 32 x 1E1 / T1 or 960 telephony channels that can use E1 / t1, GSM, FXO and / or FXS technologies
    • GSM portsOptional
    • Ethernet Ports13 gigabit network ports, one of them specific for high availability
    • Supported codecsG.711 A-law and u-law,G.729a annex B, GSM, DVI, T-38; only with transcoding
    • Additional featuresDigital TDM - from 4 to 32 E1 / T1 (IDSN, R2 and ISUP, in modules of 4 E1 / T1)
    • Gigabit13 Gigabit network ports 100/1000 Base-T
    • Power supplyInput: 100-240 V 56/60 Hz | Output: 12V / 2.5A

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