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Sangoma Vega SBC VM/Hybrid (25 sessions) + D150

  • The Vega Enterprise SBC provides Security and Interoperability for Enterprise Networks.  The browser-based GUI makes the Vega eSBC  one of the easiest to provision and manage.  The straight-forward, session-based licensing model also makes the Vega eSBC one of the most cost-effective SBCs to deploy and maintain in the field.

    Protection from Enterprise Security Threats:

    Denial of Services

    • Call/registration overload
    • Malformed messages (fuzzing)

    Configuration errors

    • Mis-configured devices
    • Operator and application errors

    Theft of service / Fraud

    • Unauthorized users
    • Unauthorized media types


    • Smartphones running unauthorized apps
    • Viruses and Malware attacking your VoIP network
    • VoIP protocolsVoIP • SIP Trunking and Remote Working • SIP Intrusion Prevention • SIP Registration Scan Attack Detection • SIP Request Rate Limiting • SIP Friendly Load Limitation • SIP Registration Pass-thru • SIP Header Normalization • SIP Malformed Packet Protection • Advanced NAT Traversal Capabilities • Topology Hiding • ENUM Routing

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