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Manufacturer: SUTELINCO

Avanzada 7 code: 0100951130001

Manufacturer SKU: CLOUDTOWAY

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  • CloudToWay

    CloudToWay is a platform in the cloud that allows the remote management of all devices of your LAN network (company or Public Administration); in this way, CloudToWay allows you to manage these network devices proactively and allows the user to stay constantly informed about all events that occur in your company's network thanks to its alarm and tracking system.

    CloudToWay is also a flexible platform because it is based on an open software platform and is compatible with any device, which allows us to adapt the environment to any manufacturer.

    Key features

    • Device management
    • Record System
    • Network status
    • Network information
    • Network inventory
    • Alarms and notifications (via email and rainbow)
    • Forecast of incidents
    • Remote access tunnels
    • Wake On Line
    • It is required that the network has a DHCP or a fixed IP address to be established before sending to the TLBox

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