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Servidor DECT SIP Kirk KWS 6500 (30usr + PSU) RACK


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Manufacturer SKU: 02350000

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  • kirk-wireless-server-6500The KIRK Wireless Server 6500 solution is a rack version that consists of a number of different infrastructure elements which can be customized in accordance with your exact telephony needs today and later adjusted to suit any future changes in your organization.

    Seamless handover between base stations, extensive radio coverage, messaging to handsets and value-added applications are just some of the benefits of the KIRK Wireless Server 6500.

    Customize Your Solution

    Up to 256 KIRK IP Base Stations and up to 4,096 wireless users can be subscribed to the KIRK Wireless Server 6500, making it extremely scalable and ideal for growing with your organization.  A flexible license option allows you to only pay for the users you need. Should your business expand, you simply add more mobile users.

    The KIRK Wireless Server 6500 shares a lot of similarities with the existing KIRK Wireless Server 6000, but it is built on a new platform with capacity to ensure a continued rapid product development. The KIRK Wireless Server 6500 solution is not only able to handle future features, but in time it will also be able to provide radio coverage of a much larger geographical area than the KIRK Wireless Server 6000. That is why the KIRK Wireless Server 6500 is a good match for larger businesses and enterprises. 

    You can deploy the KIRK Wireless Server 6500 as a redundant solution with automatic failover, which gives you the opportunity to secure your business communication.

    A KIRK Wireless Server 6500 solution consists of the KIRK Wireless Server 6500 itself, KIRK Media Resources, KIRK IP Base Stations, KIRK Repeaters and the KIRK Handsets.

    Features and Benefits

    • In qualification for Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010
    • No need for proprietary cabling
    • IP as only logical interface
    • All maintenance done through the server
    • Stable system core based on Linux
    • Supporting standard features from the SIP Asterisk
    • Provisioning of configuration, firmware, and wireless users
    • Redundancy to eliminate point of failure
    • 19” Rack solution

    More details and documentation in http://support.spectralink.com/products/dect/spectralink-ip-dect-server-6500

    • Protocolos VoIPSIP (Session Initiated Protocol). SIP integration unit to the SIP IP-PBX. Also, it controls and handles all other infrastructure elements • Max. no. of simultaneous calls: 4 • Max. no. of KIRK Repeaters: 6 A KIRK Repeater extends the coverage area in a KIRK solution • Max. no. of registered KIRK Handsets: 12
    • Puerto WAN• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port • Manual or dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) network setup • Time and date synchronization using NTP • Event logging • LED status indication
    • Codec de audioG.711 A-law and u-law
    • Fuente de alimentacionThe supplied power for unit must be 110 to 240 AC nominal, 50/60 Hz

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