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And the Karting VoIP winner was...

Karting VoIP - Avanzada 7

As you remember, last week all "avanced workers" were pilots for a day...y and we went to download adrenaline to a Karting Circuit. Some slower pilots, some faster and others that didn't take its foot off the accelerator... the summary of the race was the presence of those ghost riders, some crashes and best of all...lots of laughts! Finally our friend Esteban won the desired trophy. Congratulations to the winner who also took enough advantage of the rest of colleagues... From here to Formula 1! ;)

There was the ranking:

  • 1. Esteban - 1:40.822
  • 2. Rafa L - 1:41.949
  • 3. Pepe - 1:45.026
  • 4. Sergio - 1:46.980
  • 5. Carlos O - 1:48.057

Of course... that we promised! Here you have some pictures...a great day we wanted to share with you! We hope you like it!

Coches Karting VoIP - Avanzada 7

Fotos compañeros - Avanzada 7

Equipo de Karting VoIP - Avanzada 7

Preparados para correr - Avanzada 7

Karting VoIP - Avanzada 7

Circuito Karting VoIP - Avanzada 7

Ganador Karting VoIP - Avanzada 7