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Training 3CX Phone System V11 in Tudela - NAVARRA

Avanzada7 organized 3CX Partner Training in Spanish by people 3CX certified from Avanzada7. Free for new & old 3CX Partners and Customers Avanzada7. April, 16 in Tudela -Navarra (SPAIN).

Training 3CX Phone System V11 in Tudela - NAVARRA

ATTENTION: The course will be conducted entirely in SPANISH
(For technical certificates Avanzada7)


Prerequisites: Knowledge of Microsoft and networking concepts.


  • Setup SIP Phone extensions (software and hardware).
  • Setup PSTN gateways with DID (analog telephone lines, ISDN or PRI)
  • Understand how setup VoIP providers and SIP Trunk (ITSP)
  • Architecture of 3CX Phone System for Windows


Training Program:

  1. Introduction and Installation:
    • Introduction to 3CX Phone System
    • Equipment and S.O. Recommended
    • Updating or Re.Instalación
    • Discharge
  2. Cellular and Extensions:
    • Introducing APS Provisioning
    • Phone Provisioning automatically (Plug & Play)
    • Mobile Provisioning using MAC address / HTTP Provisioning
    • Configuring Extensions
    • Configuring Forwarding Rules
  3. Provider VoIP, PSTN Gateways and Routing Rules:
    • Configuring VoIP providers / SIP Trunks
    • Configuring PSTN gateways
    • Configuring Incoming routes (Inbound Routing)
    • Configuring Outgoing routes (Outbound Routing)
  4. Ring Groups, Call Queues and Digital Receptionist:
    • Ring groups (Ring Groups)
    • Call Queues (Call Queues)
    • Call Center Edition
    • Digital Receptionist
  5. Common Problems and Support Options:
    • Common Problems (Basic Troubleshooting)
    • Support options (Support Options)
  6. Marketing Models 3CX:
    • Property Licensing and Certification
    • Multi-tenant
    • Hotel Module
    • Development Tools (VAD)

Places are limited. To attend must confirm your registration by email to: 3CX@avanzada7.com



3CX Certification Examination:

  • You can ontain the certification exam on www.3cxacademy.com
  • The test is FREE     The test may be done in SPANISH.
  • Assist to 3CX Training does not guarantee passing the certification exam.
  • To register for the test must be given a name and valid email.
  • Only have ONE opportunity to aprove the exam