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treeMT incorporates HOMER SIPCAPTURE for monitoring and analysis of SIP RTP traffic

treeMT incorporates HOMER SIPCAPTURE - Avanzada 7

treeMT incorporates HOMER SIPCAPTURE for monitoring and analysis of SIP RTP traffic

For all those who don't know HOMER SIPCAPTURE, it's undoubtedly one of the best troubleshooting and debugging tools we can find today in the industry. Developed by QXIP, HOMER is a tool whose purpose is the monitoring and analysis of traffic SIP and RTP (mainly) and that has recently been incorporated in the multitenant platform, treeMT as a new feature of this multitenant platform for business.

Among other things, it allows us to get a real-time overview of all calls that you make in order to analyze the data flow. In addition, thanks to its instant analysis of data, we can observe and detect incidences in calls, which will allo us to optimize our use of the platform inmediately.

The powerful HOMER comes to treeMT offering us, besides an easy handling from the interface; with a single click, we can activate and deactivate our tool as required thanks to its incorporation as a plugin. Furthermore, this fact will also allow us not to load the machine unnecessarly if user doesn't require this functionality.

On the other hand, it is possible to emphasize other functionalities of HOMER, also incorporated to the platform Multi-Tenant treeMT as they are:

  • Call lookups and SIP packages
  • RTCP or RTCP-XR traffic reports with very attractive graphics which you will detect audio problems, jitter or packet loss easily
  • Alarms configuration
  • Geolocation

  treeMT incorporates HOMER SIPCAPTURE

On the other hand, recently treeMT has also incorporated important new features:

  • Music standby customizable by company
  • Support for different types of audio for standby music
  • Whitelists and blacklist
  • Bug resolution
  • Option to modify the RING time fo each extension
  • Support for third-party applications and plugins
  • Option to create extensions with any numeric range