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What is VoIP2DAY and why am I interested in attending?

VoIP2DAY 2018, November 14 and 15 in Madrid - Avanzada 7

VoIP2DAY is the most important event in southern Europe related to technology, advances and innovations in the world of VoIP telephony and Unified Communications. The next November 14th and 15th the Wanda Metropolitano (Madrid), will meet the leading players and companies in the world in the 11th edition of this room dedicated to the voice IP that is revolutionizing telecommunications in companies.

An event that takes place during two days packed with conferences featuring notable personalities and industry gurus. In addition, as usual, the attending sponsors will present their novelties in the exhibition area and in the workshop program, also held in parallel to the general conference program.

Discover why you shouldn't miss the VoIP2DAY 2018, the most important event in Southern Europe in VoIP telephony.

Why am  I interested in attending VoIP2DAY?

VoIP2DY is a reference meeting in the IP telephony and Unified Communications sector, organized by Avanzada 7,  USA VoIP and Sutelinco and which celebrates its 11th edition on November 14 and 15th. The event, already established in the sector, brings together every year the main leaders of the sector: software developers, operators, call centers, public administrations, programmers...All them meet every year to tell us what is happening again in the Voice IP world.

Although manufacturers, developers and experts have a fundamental role, it's also an event aimed at all those professionals in the sector who seek to generate new business opportunities around the IP Voice sector, established professionals, or professionals who are just starting out in the sector. and they have just discovered the advantages of implementing a unified communications system.

The collective that usea the IP voice is increasingly the majority. The replacement of old PBXs by VoIP PBXs is a change already normalized in companies since its advantages are more than obvious:

  • Easier to install: you can choose if you want the service to be physically installed on a computer in your company or in the cloud. However, you only have to connect the VoIP terminals to the Ethernet or Internet connectors and configure all the services you want to use.
  • Greater flexibility: the VoIP PBXs offer two types: hardware and software, which allows a greater number of solutions to be provided and better adapted to the needs of each company.
  • Calls through VoIP are cheaper: Unlike calls using conventional lines, VoIP calls are much cheaper since, in case of no territorial limits, you can find better rates.
  • Value-added services: from call waiting with personalized music, to the answering machine, by synchronizing your CRM with your VoIP telephony terminals or accessing your calendar and online contact agenda. These and many others are the value-added services of VoIP technology.

But If you dedicate yourself to the world of VoIP telephony and want to show your advances in this field, VoIP2DAY offers you the possibility to attend as an exhibitor and find funding for your idea.

Ponencias y networking

VoIP2DAY is the biggest event of the year about VoIP technology in southern Europe. Here we highlight the conferences of experts and the number of exhibitors who will present the latest news.

Every year, the VoIP2DAY event hosts a conference program attended by experts and gurus of unified communications to tell us what happens in this sector. The conference program is a competition open to all professionals who are interested, you just have to send a proposal through the "Call for Papers" section, with the finalist program chosen from among all the proposed conferences. Last year, in particular, the 10th edition brought several highly thematic themes such as blockchain applications, the security of VoIP systems, the evolution of integrated solutions or, for example, the future of videoconferencing. There was also a retrospective view of how communications solutions have evolved, taking advantage of the fact that VoIP2DAY celebrated its first anniversary. You have them all available in the following link.

The VoIP2DAY networking sessions bring together representatives of the companies that lead this important technological change, with creators, investors and those interested in this technology.

Call for sponsors

The Call for Sponsors program of VoIP2DAY is focused on manufacturers, operators, developers, technological partners... that can present their novelties in this meeting. In the 10th edition of the show, more than 30 companies participated in the event as sponsors or partners of this important event.

Undoubtedly, the interest in VoIP2DAY is notorious not only nationally but also internationally. The last edition, in fact, hosted participants from more than 21 countries around the world.

Don't miss the VoIP2DAY 2018

Registrations for the biggest VoIP event of the year in Southern Europe, is now open. Anticipate and get now your accreditation to this event with a 50% discount, only until September 30th.

Discover the main companies and news of the VoIP sector on November 14th and 15th at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid.