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VoIP2DAY News: Change the date on your calendar!

VoIP2DAY 2015 News - Avanzada 7

VoIP2DAY 2015 will be celebrated on November, 11th & 12th

We have a League Round on October and, as we are a team, we have changed our date! Now VoIP2DAY will be celebrated on November, 11th & 12th, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (Madrid, Spain). Mark the new date on your calendar!

Furthermore, now you have 15 more hays to get your ticket at half price. Until September, 30th, you can get your "early bird" with 50% off discount; click here.

Don't forget that  "Call for Papers" is still open in www.voip2day.com

Don't forget to look #VoIP2DAY on Social Networks!