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Companies that urgently need to incorporate IP telephony

Let's take a hypothetical case: visit the headquarters of a supplier or the competition and discover that on the tables are not the usual phones, like those in your company, but different ones. They have a screen and many other functions and, in addition, they are not connected to the telephone network but by Ethernet. If it has happened recently, then it is possible that your company requires an update urgently to incorporate a VoIP telephony system. We explain why you should do it now, before it's too late.

We offer the support you need in Skype for Business

More and more devices incorporate new features tailored for Skype for Business (SFB) in order to enrich the user experience; In particular, in the field of Voice IP it is increasingly common to find brands and / or products that already incorporate the prestigious certification Skype for Business of Microsoft multiplying the applications and functionalities of your IP phone, router, SBC, Netborder or Gateway.